Tuesday, November 14

Wrote out!

Maybe I should work on pacing myself a bit better. Saturday I did almost 6000 words on my story and I think I burned out my creativity being as I haven't written since. I would also like to go on record and say that I haven't written since because I've been busy. Not just with work (though that has been busy (I'm brushing up on my web skills so I can make the Taproot page. (Thank you W3Schools.com.)))

The bird is getting along fairly well with us. He had a kind of bad day yesterday and he bit Lisa kind of hard in the morning and threw a bit of a fit in the evening with me. Hopefully he'll not be on the grumpy perch today when I get home.

Tonight Lisa and I are going to go see "Bye Bye Birdy" at the Village Theatre in Issaquah. Gotta enjoy working for a Theatre when they share free tickets between each other.

It is my goal to finish the story I am writing with the National Novel Writer's month, but I'm not sure when that will happen. There are too many other things I would like to be doing as well as writing. 50k might have been a little ambitious, but we'll see where I am at at the end of the month. I've still got 15 days (average of 2240 words a day at that rate though...) to make the finish line of 50k words. I don't know if I'll make the end, but I think this has been a really good activity to get my novel started. (I would like to see it end.)

Now I've got a meeting to get to. Looks like I'll be getting into marketing now.



  1. You might need to talk to someone that understands bird behavior to know how to handle Niko's biting. He had a VERY full day on Sunday. I wonder if he was tired or just overstimulated. Maybe you should talk to his previous parents for insight. It is a blessing that you have them around to talk to. Usually, when someone adopts an adult pet, they don't have that luxury!

    Maybe you need a birdy shrink!

  2. Great... now I get to pay for therapy bills for the bird. I thought I'd at least have some time to save up for my own children!


  3. Just don't tell the biting parrot what musical you are going to see.

  4. Wow... Tim breaking out the wit. Careful man that's got a sharpe edge, don't cut yourself! =)



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