Friday, November 3

A novel idea!

The past two days have been a bit busy. Wednesday I had training for use of a program we use around here called Theatre Manager, then I went and picked up the bird. (Pictures to follow) I also started writing my novel that afternoon as well.

Thursday I was at work from 7:15am to 8:15pmish because of training and then some network fixings as well. I got home and wrote some more of the novel. (I'm at about 3400 words now) I'll probably put more into it today being as it's a half day and then tomorrow as well. I'd like to get a good week ahead of myself (over 11k words) so that if things come up next week and I miss an evening to write that I can still make the end goal of 50,000 words. (Then I spend the month of December reading and editing my work, then in January I hand it off to other people to tell me what they think and continue editing it...)

On the previous post I was asked what type of computers I'm looking at getting for the company. Well, I was very excited about Dell and AMD getting together at last so I am able to get a new Dell desktop for $299 that has an AMD Athlon 64 3400 in them. We already have nice monitors so that isn't a need, so that shaves off some 130 bucks. But 299 for a machine that runs at 3400 and is an Athlon. Even though AMD and myself parted ways with my new computer I do realize they are an EXCELLENT choice for a budget machine. (They run better than MOST Intels still after all) Plus it offers great upgradability, being as this is the new AMR chipset so with a bit of an upgrade we could be running dual cores. And it allows for a lot of RAM (comes with 512 now), so pretty much right out of the box they are good to go. The fastest machines here now are my laptop, the sound design computer and the graphic designers computer. This will put everyone on pretty equal footing and I think it'll keep us "in the game" technologically for a good 3 to 5 years. And I think we could even stretch it to 7 or 8 years with RAM upgrades and CPU upgrades (as they get cheaper).



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