Thursday, November 30

The Next Generation

Some people's out there who have waited in line for game consoles will ultimately think on such things as this when I say the words, "Next Gen." What these people fail to realize though is that a fairly small fraction of the world will ever buy a video game console.

Thus when I speak of "next gen" I am talking about software. I installed Office 2007 Professional Plus on my laptop today and I have to say that I am very impressed with the changes. I like the feel a lot better and it's not as tired as Office 2003 was beginning to feel. (Much more "web 2.0") Yesterday I purchased a site license for TTC for Office 2003 and Windows XP and it came with Software assurance, which means I get to upgrade to Office 2007 for no cost. It also means I have access to Windows Vista Enterprise Edition (and Business Edition) but we don't have any computers here at the moment that will handle that. So while it's exciting I CAN play with it, I don't have anything to play on it WITH.

News on this years 'Tween Party will be forth coming. Just put down December 29th on your calendars though. Big party, last year was a great time. (Maxed out at 32-35 people in our 800sqft condo.)


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  1. Not sure if you're a fan of Family Guy at all or not, but whenever I visit your blog and see the Novel Writing Month banner I can't help but think of:


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