Wednesday, November 8

LD writer or cash makes me nervous

I have come to realize that any skills I have as a writer have, up until now, been developed as a sprinter. 100 to 1000 words, not a problem, I'll crank something about and it'll be ready to go. (I think it's a good thing that I got B's on essays I wrote once and never looked at again. (Bad habit, yes.)) But I could crank out short works in not much time. Essays, blog entries, reports, and newspaper articles I'd been doing it since Jr. High. Now for the first time I'm choosing to do a marathon of the writing world. 50k (cohesive story) words in a month. I'd trained for so long to sprint the little things that entries like this one and the 1019 other entries here have become easier and easier. I don't have to carry a thought beyond the 1000 (or fewer) words that I have to jot down as an essay or whatever. Now I am at just under 11k words in this story and it's crazy. Characters are doing things I never thought of before, and it all happens on the fly. With short works, like this one, I pretty much know where I'm going and how I am going to get there. Now with this novel I am working on I know roughly how it's going to end and most of the framework for the story but the muscles and "flesh" on that framework is a mystery to my until I've written it. It's going to be an interesting rest of the month writing wise and I look forward to looking back on the experience.

Other news: Yesterday I sold my copy of Windows XP Pro from the gaming session at MS I didn't go to, and it sold for a nice sum. Someone nearby purchased it and they worked at Safeway so Lisa and I ran down to Safeway and gave it to them. Where they proceeded to give me cash for the software. Cash makes me nervous. But nothing happened so I'm ok. The only other time I've done a "drop off" to deliver some software to a person they gave me 320 in cash and I made a b-line for the bank. Not a big fan of having a lot of cash on me.

Online ticketing should be up and running sometime today. (internally) Hopefully I won't regret making that statement.


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  1. They didn't pay you out of the cash register did they?

    : )

    I'm all for the ridding of cash. I nearly pay for all stuff via credit/debit card.


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