Tuesday, November 21

Hmmm... I thought I had posted

Keeping the post with the wish lists up wasn't my goal. I've attempted to post several pictures here on with the recent goings on, but for some reason they haven't gone through. Oh well.

And now, for the update. Online ticketing here at TTC is going along well. It's been exciting seeing pages come to life with information and data that I could only dream about before. (Ok, maybe a little dramatic...) I've also been working with our graphic designer to develop a nice modern website for the company as well. It'll be nice to be dipping my hand into web dev again. (Dreamweaver makes my life a lot easier.)

Extra long weekend this week. I am taking some days off so I'll be landing a 5 day weekend. (Which will be nice to get some time off. I've already told people that I make no promises about answering my cell phone during those 5 days)

The new James Bond movie (Casino Royal) is pretty good. More serious than the previous ones and Bond seems a lot more human. It's a nice mix of action/ adventure and interesting storyline. Worth the 6.50 or 10.50 or whatever it is these days.

In other news Lisa got her Christmas Bonus check from work this week and it looks like it's enough to fund a goodly portion of a trip to the UK next September! (We'll have to continue to do some savings, but travel expenses would be covered by the bonus. We're looking at September 3rd to the 17th. We'll see how plans unfold on it, but I'd like to go from the South-West most point of England to the North-East most point in the 10 days we'll budget for travel outside of London.

That's the news, and hopefully you all have a good Thanksgiving and find more than a couple things to be thankful for!



  1. SO...no one plan to get married from Sept. 3 - 17 (unless they plan to do it in the UK, huh?). I imagine Beth would be okay w/ that...although I don't think she has any imminent wedding plans. Man, could you imagine how costly it would be to plan a wedding in the UK from here!?! (Shudder)

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