Wednesday, November 15

Gift List

I have been asked a couple times what I would like for Christmas/ my impending 25th birthday (10th of January, should anyone have forgotten) so I thought I would compile a couple lists via Thinkgeek and I'm sure they'll be updated as I think of things.

I feel like I should say something else important here... We changed phone companies at Taproot at the start of the week and I have been dealing with the "fallout" from that most of the week. I am learning a lot about Telecomm though. I hope things at Taproot continue to be crazy and diverse, that's the way I like it. This job definitely fits my skill-set. (Jack of all trades...) It's been nice not having to do the same thing over and over. (However details like remembering to check server logs (to make sure things are backing up) can sometimes get lost in all the bigger details. (There has got to be a good way of putting all those in one place...))

Seeing the newest Bond movie on friday with a friend. I'll inform you how that goes. (There now I don't feel like this post was a shameless plug for gifts.)



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