Monday, November 6

From the office of leaky ceilings and full buckets:

I have a bucket behind my office chair. It's there to catch the drips that are falling from the ceiling. This is a big issue when you're below street level and the raining is a pounding pounding pounding outside. So here is hoping that it's not leaking on my servers...

On Saturday Top Foods had a kind of "extravaganza" where they were showcasing a bunch of food. They had well over 20 samples throughout the store. Lisa and I went. Lisa was in a kind of "Sample Heaven" the whole time. The highlight was when we were just past the bakery section and Lisa had four little paper cups juggled between her fingers and was trying to eat a sample of Pumpkin pie from one and was heading towards another stand which had three new things to sample. I had to stop her and have her finish what she had first. Pacing is everything with that many samples. It was funny how almost giddy she was bouncing around from stand to stand, while actually getting shopping done!

In other news the novel is moving along, I think at this point I am some 4000 words behind schedule, which is more than a little disheartening. I kind of feel like I am digging a hole in the ocean. It's a nice motivator, but 50k words is a crazy lot considering where I am in my story (which might be more than 50k) and where I want to go. No matter if I get it done this month or not I will finish it! I will proof read the massive thing and then I will give it to friends to read and proof read and critique. Then, after I have suffered that, I will see if anyone will actually want to buy the book from me for publication. Worse case senario I do print on demand and publish them myself. (Oh well)



  1. In case you lost the link I sent you earlier: How to write a novel in 100 days or less.

  2. (Oh, and what do you think about the change?)


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