Wednesday, November 15

All things new!

Dave Kellet made a recent post on his site/comic about a new comic called Little Dee. It's a fun little comic that has a kind of "cute" drawing style. Link has been added to the side bar just above Sheldon.

Now to turn a little geek on you all. Nvidia DX10 video cards. Yikes, more than 2 times as powerful as the video card I JUST purchased. Partof me is wondering what my card would fetch on eBay that I might upgrade... but then again no one will be making games that make use of that (seriously) for a while so maybe I'll just wait for the cards to come down in price from $600 bucks (the cost of two new computers for Taproot) to something I can actually afford. (Say 250) Or until a game comes out that I want to play that requires DX10. (Mass Effect?)

In other news the novel writing continues, just not at the same pace.



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