Sunday, October 29


Several things of note happened yesterday:
First the not so important one; Lisa and I went to see "The Prestige". Undoubtedly people will compare it with "The Illusionist", which came out last month, but in reality it is FAR better and much more exciting. The whole movie is essentially the director playing slight of hand. It is a very enjoyable movie to sit through.

In other news the little Friend I mentioned on Wednesday, October 25th, will most likely be coming to join my little family. Lisa's Uncle can't really give him the attention he needs being as he's looking after Lisa's Aunt. (cancer) So they asked us (Lisa and I) if we would be interested in taking Neko. It's been a couple years since I have had a bird, but I thought it would be pretty cool to have such a nice little parrot. Plus he gets to stay in the family so it's possible for us to bring Neko over for them to see again. That is the news from this weekend. Hope you enjoyed the extra hour of sleep!



  1. Honestly, I just skimmed over the previous "parrot" post. When I saw the picture I thought it was just a stuffed animal parrot.

    I expect super high quality billion color pictures to be posted at a later date.

    (btw Firefox 2's built in spell checker rules. Who knew parrot has 2 r's :P)

  2. Errr... I did. :(

    Yeah... well I will get out the camera when I happen to be near one and not rely on the horrible ability of my phone.



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