Monday, October 30

"Where's the Original Mexico?"

This comment, made by Lisa, was in response to us talking about all the "New _______" cities, states and countries. (New York, New Mexico, New Zealand) We had some friends over and when she said it we all kind'a were quiet for a beat and then we started laughing. She realized her mistake, but it's still funny.

Speaking of last night we had Lisa's best friend and her husband over for dinner. Lisa and I made Jaymbalia, a salad, roasted up some elephant garlic, and got some good bread. Dessert consisted of a couple baked Apples I had put together earlier topped off with some Soy Ice Cream. It was a good food evening.

In other news I finally got paid today for working at SPU... back at the end of September. Oh well. Better late than never I guess.

In other news I think I am going to attempt something that fellow blogger, and wife of good friend, Katie Ferguson has done a couple times in the past. That is the National Novel Writing Month (November). I've got a few days to think on what I am going to write about, but when November rolls around you can view my progress. (You can already see I've got a bit of a teaser up there with the name.) Anyway, in case anyone is interested National Novel Writing Month means to "win" or "complete" my task I need to write 50,000 words. about 1,666 words a night from November 1st to November 30th. It should be an interesting experience. You might read a bit about it on here, or not. Depends how my muse feels at the end/ beginning of the day.



  1. The crown on the dinner was that my best friend can't eat nuts, dairy, wheat or gluten-- at most restaurants she can't order a single meal! And we were still able to whip up an excellent meal that we were all able to eat.
    The only caveat was that she had to bring her own bread to spend the garlic on. Actually, we alter the jambalia, but it was for Ben's shrimp allergy :)

  2. Anonymous8:08 PM

    nanowrimo: that's very cool!


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