Tuesday, October 10

Where do you draw the line?

Muffins and Cupcakes. Where do you draw the line? Is a cupcake not a muffin because it (sometimes) has frosting and uses more sugar? I've seen chocolate chip muffins and yet chocolate-chip cupcakes. Dictionary.com didn't help me either (see links) both say something about being baked in cuplike forms. Both are also terms of endearment. I get in trouble for using them both mind you. But where do we draw the line? Is it a muffin if you have it for breakfast and a cupcake if it's after breakfast?

Any hints?



  1. Anonymous8:14 PM

    "Hi Ben, Since that is very related to my profession, I will put my 2cents in. Yes you are right, traditionally muffins were considered a breakfast bread. In the old days they did not put chocolate chips and everything else in them. Oh, there were a few things sometimes added, but it has been taken to extremes. So what is now is what wasn't then. If they sell them for muffins or cupcakes, it doesn't matter when you eat them.
    I do think its like cake and cornbread if you get what I mean. Your grandad said that Cornbread with honey on it was Okie dessert."

    -Grandma Hahn

  2. If you can take the top off and eat it, it's a muffin. If there is no top, it's a cupcake.

    -Seinfeld reference

  3. Ahh, but I can do that with a cupcake as well. The top just happens to have a lot of frosting on it most times.


  4. I wrote up a great response to this question and then the dumb network went down on me. I really get tired of that...

    Anyway, my thinking is that the batters of the 2 are definitely different animals, the muffin being a much heavier. Muffin batter, if poured into a loaf pan, becomes "quick bread." (Banana, pumpkin, etc.) Cupcake batter poured into a pan becomes cake.

    So, one might heavily consider the ramifications of calling one's wife "muffin." (Doesn't sound healthy to a relationship...)

    Side note--pumpkin bread is sometimes frosted w/ cream cheese frosting and carrot cake is more like a quick bread that cake. Umm...carrot cake sounds really good right now...


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