Monday, October 16

Project 365

Now that I have crested 1000 posts I was looking for something to take the blog to the next level/ provide another goal for myself. I was browsing around Life Hacker (link added on sidebar) and found a link to something called Project 365. Thus being as I have a camera on my cell phone I have a camera with me at all times. Being as blogger makes it easy for me to take and post pictures I am going to attempt 365 days of pictures. (I need to make sure I know where the pictures are going so if they ARE going to MY server that it won't blow out my storage space.)

I'll comtinue to post text as well, but I am also going to try and add a little more life to my postings via my Samsung T809.



  1. Excellent idea. I look forward even more so to reading your blog.

    I really should force myself to start doing daily updates.

    (first picture request: the so called beast of a machine some call a Personal Computer)

  2. Right. =) I'll fire that up when I get home. (It doesn't look like a whole lot from the outside...)


  3. well, I kinda was hoping for a nekkid pic (aka the guts)



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