Thursday, October 26

A night under the needle...

Lisa and I went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Pacific Science Center tonight. My feet were absolutly killing me, but it was cool to see some really old stuff. (I was a classics minor after all) It's also weird to think that something someone wrote 2000 years ago is still hanging around today... in it's original form! I doubt anything I compose will still be around 2000 years from now. Imagine, in the year 4006 they have an exhibit about Ancient blogging methods and techniques. A little snippet of something I wrote a couple years ago shows up on a screen for a few seconds. People wonder, wow, what was their life like back then? And the scientists are all telling people that we had all sorts of rituals to writing blogs and how bloggers were the rejects of society or something like that.

This is a picture of the Space Needle tonight as we were leaving.



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