Friday, October 27

Movie links

I've decided I want to share some movie links with you that I have enjoyed the past few days.

First off we have a movie produced by Dove (the soap company) about everything that happens to make the models look like they do on the cover of magazines. I was completely amazed by how much touchup work was done.

Then we have a movie that looks like it's something I will thoroughly enjoy, Pan's Labyrinth looks to once again be one of those interesting "modern" fairytales. Lady in the Water pulled it off nicely. MirrorMask, while interesting, was a little too "raw" for my taste. Then The Brother's Grimm had some good ideas, but was overall kind of a mocking of the genre. (In a rather funny way.) I think my fascination with the really strange and fairy-tale esq comes from Alice in Wonderland. I remember having that read to me as a kid and really enjoying the strange things that happened. Thus authors like Neil Gaiman really make me enjoy life. Which leads me to the thought that I think it's a pity sometimes that people feel the need to explain everything in some way. I think it's interesting to have a bit of mystery in one's life.



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