Tuesday, October 10

More stick than you can shake a fun at

I am happy to announce that the server software that I have been waiting for for the past 3 weeks finally decided to show up yesterday. (7 attempts by DHL later, and finally delivered to the wrong building) It seems that DHL has a problem "finding" Taproot Theatre. Taproot? You mean the theatre on 85th Street, a busy one BTW, with a big sign out front that says "Taproot Theatre"? Oh well, I lodged a formal complaint about the incident. Which made me think about the poor lady who answered the "I've got a gripe" phone number. To take complaints all day... that is a job I KNOW I wouldn't want. (Hmmm, "My mouse is broken", "My monitor won't work correctly", "My computer is burning." Maybe I do do that...)

Today, tomorrow and probably a lot of time the rest of this week will consist of me hiding in the server room installing the new software. The trouble with new server software is that the server is very securely mounted in it's case, so I can't move it, and being as it will conflict with the current server it can't be on the same network. Which means I'll be enjoying some time in the closet in the costume room.

If you need me I'll be the IT guy hiding in the closet past all the dresses.



  1. Dan McCurley4:00 PM

    : - | Woah...

  2. Yeah, you server guys do that a lot (hide in the closet). If we can't find Ron Fast, go look in the server "room" (read: closet). One might almost think IT server guys are somewhat anti-social, but I suspect they are really hiding from people like me who interrupt their important job w/ little issues that truly could wait until a better time. (but...is there a better time...?)


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