Wednesday, October 4

Creepy songs?

I really don't know what it is about my musical taste but generally I enjoy a well put together song; let it be rock, indy, pop, classical, or folk, etc. Today I was listening to the Decemberists newest CD (Crane Wife) and they have a song on the CD called, "Shankill Butchers". The song is a typical fairy-tale esq story warning children not to disobey their parents or the Shankill butchers will come and get them. It's a soft creepy song. Yet I found myself listening to it a couple times in a row.

For those that know a bit about me as well will know that no one singer bothers me more than Dave Matthews. BUT his song (on his solo CD) "Grave digger" is a song that fits his voice and the song is absolutely captivating. After listening to the song I go back to disliking his other music.

Jars of Clay's newest CD (Good Monsters) has a song called "All my Tears" and it's my 2nd favorite song on the CD (after "Oh my God"), it's a song that has an interesting construction. In parts it sounds country, but then it gives it up for rock. (Country Rock!? (Third Day?)) Anyway, the chorus to this song is: "It don't matter where you bury me/ I'll be home and I'll be free/ It don't matter where I lay/ All my tears be washed away." Has a kind of ghost town kind'a sound to the end of it.

At one time in my life, realizing that I enjoyed songs like this, I thought, "Hmm, I wonder if this means that I would like Goth music." A quick tour of Goth music told me I in fact do NOT like goth music. So I have determined that it is the subconscious work of the artist when they write songs about creepy things/ death that they use the same chords, those chords (whatever they might be) are chords that I enjoy and can "groove" to.

This has nothing to do with the month of October, it just came up now. Don't read too much into this. I'm just examining my musical tastes.


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  1. The Decemberists rock your sea leggings (socks) off.


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