Thursday, September 28

While on the subject...

Engadget had a post this morning that I felt would make a common, everyday object that much more useful. A watch that is blue-tooth enabled. This would allow me to keep my phone in my pocket and see who is calling by looking at my watch. Then rejecting the call or reaching into my pocket to get the phone. The step up from here however would be to make it so that the watch also had a speaker-phone in it and so I could take calls from my watch. I would dig that 100%. Or even team it up with a wireless bluetooth headset that would allow me to pickup the call and start talking. I think the speaker-phone watch would be the coolest option though. The drawback to the watch currently is that it costs MORE than my phone. This is the kind of technology we need to keep working on. Technology that integrates objects that we use that can have practical application with other things. (IE: A toaster that burns a news feed (via RSS) into your toast for example.)



  1. Definetly a cool idea, but anything with bluetooth is going to draw quite a bit of power. Not too hot on the idea of having to plug my watch in to "charge" nightly, but still pretty sweet.

    Can't wait for when someone finally comes up with proximity power charging.

  2. Well, I don't know about proximity power, but I do know for a fact that new battery technology is right around the bend. Lisa's Grandfather works with a company who is making ceramic batteries. These things will replace the batteries in electric cars with something the size of a BRICK! And they don't really loose their charge either. (I guess it's like 1000 years to loose the charge, so, not in your lifetime) Which means that batteries that are smaller than that, like in a watch or in a laptop could be boosted to be ten to one hundred times more life than they have now. CrAzY cool!



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