Sunday, September 17

Weekend wrapup

This weekend Lisa and I woke up fairly early on Saturday and decided to make the 3.5, errr 4, or the Google suggested 5 hour drive to Spokane. (The other side of the state) Lisa's friend was getting married so we decided we'd make a weekend out of it. We attended the wedding and then went to the Davenport Hotel for a little R and R get-away. Sadly this wasn't to be a truly great trip because I got a migraine that started about noon on Saturday and wrapped up fully about 5pm on Sunday. We've decided that Eastern Washington doesn't like us much. (Our last adventure out that way back in 2003 ended up with both of us getting migraines) The Davenport however was a great hotel and we did have a bit of fun and drove home this (Sunday) morning. We were attempting to make it back for the Taproot picnic, but my migraine prevented me from attending. Ah well.

Another week ahead of us! I wish you all well!


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  1. Eastern WA always gives me a headache the first day I'm there. I think it is due to the dry climate. Actually, any change in climates due to travel tends to give me a headache....maybe that's why I don't travel far...


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