Thursday, September 28

A watch battery, a pack of smokes, and an airsoft gun...

This morning as I put on my watch I came to the realization that I had purchased it something like 2 years ago. I realized this because the watch was telling me that it was 5:20am... when I distinctly remember hitting the snooze button at 5:20am and not actually getting OUT of bed until 5:45am today. (I've been a slacker this week) My watch battery had died. (Speaking of died: we lost another fish the other day. 2 down, 1 to go) So just a few minutes ago I left work to go find the place I drive past every now and again that says "watch repair" on the outside. (It's actually just across the street from the Theatre... the big problem is waiting for the light to change... it ignores the pedestrian.) Anyway, I walked in and the place, I discovered was billed as a "smoke shop" but in actuality it is a little bit of everything. Here's a bit of a run-down of everything I saw in there: TONS of cigarettes, dried tobacco leaves, watches, a full range of fully automatic airsoft guns designed to look just like the real thing (I imagined myself running around Greenwood waving such a thing in the air and getting taken down in a hail of police gun-fire.), incense, pocket watches, wallets, hookas, and various other items that smoke. (I think the watches were about the only thing in there that didn't give off some form of smoke when you applied a small lighter to it.)

Thus I now smell of smoke, but my watch works again. Trade off? You bet. Question for you as well: How do you people that don't wear watches do it?


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  1. We rely HEAVILY on those of you who do. Just ask Dad.


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