Wednesday, September 13

Thus far

So far this week has been just about better than last week in every way (at work) than the week before. Servers are all "working" at the moment, none of them are threatening to suddenly quit. The newer server arrived yesterday and I'll be installing windows on it today. Then we'll be migrating data all over the place.

We've had some slight issues with some software that was donated to us (the licenses were donated, but it didn't come with media (ie: CDs/ Software) and when I contacted Microsoft about getting a CD (they charge 27 bucks for that) they said they couldn't do it but to call someone else, so I called them and they said only MS can issue those discs. When I got back to MS they flat out told me it was impossible and it couldn't be done. So I wrote them an email asking how I'm supposed to use 25 licenses without the software to go with it. *chuckle* I mean does anyone else find that funny? "Oh I'm sorry, you can have licenses but since the original donator didn't order media you're stuck with 25 licenses you can't use.") but despite the troubles I contacted the wonderfully gracious donator and asked if they could look into the issue from his side (as he works at MS) and see if he could greese the wheels at all.

The new computer is operating just fine, it tends to run everything without a hitch and is very quiet sitting in the corner over here.

Lisa and I went out to dinner last night at the Keg. They give you a free dinner on your birthday so we ended up having a nice dinner and saving about 30 bucks. (Way to have a Birthday Lisa!)



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