Monday, September 11

The man with the Golden Grill

Yesterday I was part of the "grilling team" at church. There were five of us and four grills. (A big charcoal "smoker" and 3 gas grills) I was the Jr member of the bunch by a good 20 years at least, thus I was backup in case the smoke and heat became too intense for some of the older guys. (Riiiight) We went through 500-600 hamburgers in about an hour and a half. It was pretty impressive. My job (because honestly, who is going to relinquish their grill?) turned into the guy who would run around with a serving pan and get the burgers off the grill so that the grillers didn't have to leave their post. Either way, I had fun and we helped feed a lot of people. (And I observed some excellent grilling techniques.)

This week I will hopefully be tackling, full on, server migration from what we have now to something a little (read: a lot) more stable. Problems that could arise would be with the financial software that is located on the most dying of servers we own. It'll be another interesting week!



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