Friday, September 1

A long weekend... without a PC

This is the last long weekend until November, and my new PC parts will be spending the weekend in the UPS depot in Portland and/ or Seattle because it's the weekend/ holiday. Ah well, I guess I can spend the time doing other things than installing windows (twice, just to admire how fast it installs) and/ or trying to understand why the computer won't post. Ahhh, good times.

In other news I found a non-profit computer place that puts together computers for other non-profits that don't have any. I thought that since I enjoy building computers so much, I would look into volunteering with them. I could see spending a few Saturday's a year seeing how many computers I could put together in a single day. (I took an A+ certification class in College where the final was the build a computer from scratch. Only one other person in the class beat me, but I had one together and booted into Dos, off the HD, in 9 minutes.) I'd love to try my hand at how many I could do in a day. That would be sweet. (And it would be helping some people out, which is even better than saying I can build 50 computers from scratch in an 8 hour time period.)

Work is going well, I'm a bit at a stand-still at the moment waiting to get access to our secure certificate from Godaddy. (Swiss banks could learn a thing or two from them. (And our company could learn to write down their usernames and passwords somewhere...))

A plug for my favorite living author, who has a new book out. Robin Hobb has released her 11th book Forest Mage. If you are a fan of fantasy, or well written characters with an interesting story, then I would suggest giving her a try. (Orson Scott Card, of Ender's Game fame (he should have quit while he was ahead...) commented that they were excellent books.) This is of course if you've burned through Tolkien, tired of waiting for Jordan to finish his series, tired of waiting for Martin to publish ANYTHING and you are a person who enjoys a well written novel as well as the next (wo)man then you'd probably enjoy her work. Lisa seems to like it and she isn't an avid fantasy reader. (However she might just be saying that to pacify me and to find something that will help her fall asleep at night.) But I think she genuinely likes them.



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