Thursday, September 7

Let me tell you about my job...

A brief little overview for all of you, gentle readers:
Monday afternoon/ night sometime the hard drive of our mail server developed several bad blocks, thus some important windows files disappeared. A Checkdisk fixed the problem and we were back into email land. Wednesday morning rolls around and those bad spots seem to be expanding, and Checkdisk-ing the problem no longer fixes it. (I tried 3 times) Yesterday Taproot was without email and I pulled a 14 hour day. But we have email now, so praise God for the "Elite Knowledge" (see yesterday's post) He's given me.

Anyway, I wanted to make up a little analogy for you all about what happened the last few days to 1. add some humor to the situation and 2. to let some of you in on what I am doing via a story.

Imagine if you will a Boeing 247 flying from one place to another. (I had to pick something old to get the age of the equipment I work with right) The place it left from and the place it's going isn't important. Suddenly during the flight important members of the crew start falling over dead, randomly, and for no apparent reason. Thus the plane attempts a landing to see what is wrong. It's a rough landing and it gets some scratches, maybe looses one of its landing gear, but generally the plane is in ‘ok’ condition. (Minus the dead people) The repair crew comes out, looks over the problems, fixes the plane, puts the dead people in body bags and tells no one to touch them, and the plane is good to go. (This is currently the analogy for Tuesday BTW) The plane then taxis to the right spot on the runway and the pilot throttles up the power and...

Then bursts into flames and everyone on board is in danger of being burned to death. (This is now Wednesday morning) At this point the repair crew comes rushing in, gets a DNA sample from everyone, clones them (they are still burning), puts all the clones on an identical 247 and sends it on its way. (Leaving the originals burning on the tarmac.) And they all lived happily ever after. (Except for next time when the clones loose a wing or something...)


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  1. You need to get some better bedtime stories before you start having kids.

    oh the horror.


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