Wednesday, September 27

Guys nite

Last Saturday I was involved in planning a "Guys Nite" for our Sunday School class (Cross Walk). It really turned into a XBox party. We had 3 Xboxes and they were all networked together. Thus we had 12 people all playing Halo 2 at one time. This is one of the most popular games for the XBox and I have maybe spent a sum total of 4 hours playing the game since it's come out a couple years ago. I prefer the PC games. However there were other people at the party that had played less than I had. (IE: Never) and then there were the types of people that play the game a TON. (IE: Daily) A lot of us were cannon fodder for these people as we played. Anyway, and this should come as no real surprise to anyone that knows me fairly well, but we played a level using only laser swords and I came out on top in that game. I'm naturally inclined towards large shiny sharp objects. Even if they are only digital.



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