Tuesday, September 12


About 6 to 8 weeks ago I sold off most of my comics. I held 17 of them back (the most valuable ones) and sent them off to get graded. Well, it mostly paid off and yesterday they came back to me in their hard-shell plastic cases. Ranging from 7.0 to 9.8 on the grading scale. (Just assume it's a school grade and you'll know which one is better) It's pretty cool to see a bunch of comics in hard plastic cases like this. Anyway, I did find it funny how they graded some of the comics. Some of them I had read and they got graded really high, while others I had not read, and in fact they had never been out of their case, and they were signed by the illustrator, but they graded the comic down because the cover had a signature on it. :P (Mint condition comic, but someone wrote on the cover... oh wait you mean that was the illustrator? Oh... silly us. 9.4)

In other news the Lord of the Rings Online Beta begins today. It's why I went to the Penny Arcade Expo a couple weeks ago, in hopes of getting a beta pass (which I got) and so I'll be able to dive into the world of Tolkien starting this afternoon.

Thus far this week has been pretty nice work wise. No major issues like last week. I was actually able to get some things done that needed to get done! Amazing what you can do when you're not trying to recover a server.



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