Saturday, September 2

Can I buy a Vowell?

Last night Lisa and I got our collective acts together and drove downtown to McCaw Hall, to see Sarah Vowell at the 826 benefit concert. We were also treated to seeing Daniel Handler (aka: Lemony Snicket), The lead singer for The Decemberists (Colin Meloy), the lead singer for Death Cab for Cutie (which isn't as strange a band as the name would imply), and the Anti-mac himself: John Hodgman. (whose book looks interesting) Local pre-teen band Smoosh was also there. Music was ok, but I think they get away with it because they are 12 and 13 and they write, play, and sing their own music. Which I have to admit I admire their ambition and drive. Oh, and Dave Eggers was there as well, but Mr. "Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" didn't say a whole lot other than to plug 826. 826 is housed not too far from where I work at the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Store. (I've been meaning to stop by there and pickup a triple phase converter for the rocket I've been building, but time has been tight as of late)

It was a funny evening of both literature and music. They also raised 10k that night alone for 826.

Previous to this event we went to "Chutney's", which is an Indian restaurant at the bottom of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. (Walking distance from McCaw Hall) I thought it was excellent food and a nice way to prep an evening of literature and music. (Not so much a good way to prep for funny, but we can't all win.)

Lisa has been feeling sick this morning/ afternoon and I hope she perks up so she can enjoy the rest of the weekend. But if you could pray for her to feel better that would be great. Right now she can't keep any food down. (I'm going to work on avoiding Seattle today.)


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