Thursday, September 14

Break In!!

If I were the type of person who could break into cars without leaving a trace I would take more than a (cheap) pair of sunglasses. However I am not a criminal so I can't begin to imagine how to criminal mind works. All this to say that my car was broken into last night, right outside of our condo. The only reason I know it was broken into was because the car door was unlocked (I never use that door and thus have no reason to ever unlock it), and my CD player was pulled out of its housing a little bit. A quick glance around showed me that the only thing I could tell that was missing was my 6 dollar pair of sun-glasses. Looks like the CD player was too much work to get out so they left it half pried out. I pushed it back in and it's as good as new and works fine. They got into the car using a method to undo the lock vs breaking glass. A little strange, being as a co-worker of mine had her car stolen the other day. But nothing taken that can't be replaced and so "meh". I'll file a police report when I get home and that will be that. This has made me kick around the idea of installing a web-cam in our window. I park right outside our window and a webcam would catch any action of people outside.

Anyway, that set me back a couple minutes going to work. Good thing it was raining today (YAY!!) or else I would have needed those sun-glasses. I hope whoever took them really needed them.

P.s. For those of you keeping track this is break in #2.



  1. Update: They also took a box of random items in the trunk. The box had a picture of a printer on it, so they probably thought that they were stealing a printer... but instead, Ben is missing some childhood keepsakes.

  2. Oh....sad...good thing Max resides here or they certainly would have taken the Dragon! Who wouldn't want to steal lovely Max!


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