Sunday, September 3

Been called up

I've been called up. My number has been called and I'm going to go to war. I'm going to joining the ranks of those that have gone before me through the course of time to do battle. Right now I'll be a lowly foot soldier in the battle before me, but who knows what I could be in the future.

I have to admit I have been looking forward to this point, subconsciously, a good part of my young life. Gazing from afar, the back of the line, on those men at church who man the grills at church gathering. That's right: next Sunday I get to join the few, the humble, the burger flippers. The watchers of the hot-dogs, and the toasters of whole-wheat buns. Truly this day I have become a man.

More than 900 people are going to be there, wanting food, whose job is it to make it for them? That's right, those few men who man the grills. Well done, medium and rare, all words that will describe the meat's interaction with the grill. Truly the honor is all mine, to man, to provide, and to slightly burn those burgers and hot dogs. Coming home smelling of meat and fire.

I go to the duty of many many men before me. Feed the masses, tend your fire, and get that mother surrounded by 5 children the 3 hotdogs and 2 burgers (not too burned) that they do, no wait, 4 hotdogs, 1 burger, they want. This is the battle I engage in and I am humbled to be called up to do this duty. Surely all my grilling at home has lead me up to this momentous moment.


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  1. Go forth. Carry on the tradition laid before you. You walk in the shadow of great men (like your father!) Make him proud!!! Just think, you two will be flipping side-by-side. Hey, this may be the first father & son burger-flipping duo at Crossroads!!! Maybe some day, many (many) years from now, your son will be there flipping right next to his dad and granddad. Hmmm....maybe we should have something like a flipper that we're passing down from generation to generation. Hmmm....I feel a tradition coming on....


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