Wednesday, August 23

You know the way where I am going

The above phrase comes from the bible. John 14:4 to be exact. It's a little more fleshed out in other versions other than the NASB, but I think the best phrasing is as it is above. Most people, especially if you've been in church, have heard John 14:6, but the interesting thing between these two verses is John 14:5. As soon as Jesus says, "You know the way where I am going", Thomas pipes up and says, "Uhhhh, no we don't." I thought Thomas's response was interesting and a little funny. He doesn't seem to miss a beat, however it is the lead up to a very specific verse about who Jesus is. I get from this set of verses that it's ok to ask God questions, or to seek further clarification. If the disciples had all sat around and went, "Hmmm, yes, we know the way you are going, yes..." Then Jesus wouldn't have had to follow up with John 14:6. (Shedding a little light on the way He was going)

A touch of application: Matthew 7:7. Just ask for it.



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