Monday, August 28

A Truck, A Washer and a Dryer, and 4 prongs

I hope everyone had a sound weekend. (Don't ask me what I mean, I don't know)

Yesterday (Sunday) I had the honor of driving Ed's truck to pickup a new/used washer and dryer from some of my co-workers. Our washer and dryer, while still functioning, are at least 25 years old, if they are original to the building. (And they look like they are) Thus when I mentioned it to Lisa she jumped on the chance to get them. We also picked up a futon from another co-worker of mine, but we decided we didn't like it so we dropped it off with my Sister-in-laws boyfriend who just moved into a rather large house with some other guys. The futon/ hide-a-bed search continues...

Another thing I gleaned from yesterday was that I wouldn't mind owning a small pickup truck. It would make moving, pushing, hauling, dumping, lifting, toting, cargoing, freighting, and general contract work a bit easier for myself as well as others that know me. I figure if nothing else it's good for a couple free meals. But Lisa seems to like the idea as well and we might keep our eyes open for such a thing in the future.

This week in work I'll be trying to keep all the server's running properly and hope nothing else breaks. (As well as setting up a DMZ and hooking up our new internet connection. A solid 9mbps, up from our 1.5mbps before!)


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  1. Sounds like you're having fun at work! How's the wireless looking?


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