Tuesday, August 29

The Quest

(Aside: I'm curious how many children will accidentally spell quest "qwest" in the coming years? I wonder how many adults will. I won't make the mistake because it Qwest is spelled like this in my mind: EVIL.)

As I mentioned a bit ago I've been in a bit of a truck quest these past few days, kind of seeing what is out there and how much they cost, what are the best ones, etc, etc. In my searching I submitted a request to Toyota of Seattle to try and find a quote on a new/used truck. Well, who should answer me but the Internet Manager himself... who I used to work with at Barnes and Noble. (He was a manager, I was a lead) We were friends back then, we both really enjoy sci-fi/ fantasy books and had ambitions of writing our own. (Actually... STILL have ambitions of writing our own I'm sure...) We're going to get together sometime and catch up a bit. Funny, go looking for a truck and find an old friend.



  1. Randy B says that Toyotas are nice trucks that good gas mileage...

  2. If you continue your Evil.. err.. Qwest... err.. Quest for a truck, I have very valuable insight! Actually, my insight is not very valuable at all because I've never looked for a truck. However, I do have experience with Toyota dealerships. Lake City was kind of pushy, so I didn't go back to them. But Burien was very helpful, and readily showed price/cost breakdowns and I ended up buying my new 2006 Corolla from them last October (they also had a good selection of used vehicles).
    Okay, I'll slip back into oblivion now...


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