Friday, August 25

Notes on getting up Early

I read an article about 2 weeks ago now on how to be an early riser. After reading the article I found myself thinking, "Wow, I want to be that morning person who gets up at 5am and gets things done!" Well, I'd like to give you a little status report on the project now that I am 2 weeks into it:

Getting up on Monday's is a piece of cake. I practically spring from the bed, take a quick shower and I am ready to face everything that needs doing. Tuesday rolls around and I'm still fairly awake when I get out of bed. Wednesday is when the struggle starts. Instead of rolling out of bed I hit the alarm clock and actually think to myself, "Do you really want to get out of bed?" On Wednesday's I don't even answer myself, I just get up and take a shower. Thursdays the battle is definitely tougher. I'll actually entertain the question in my head: "Do I want to get up? Hmmm, I like the idea, but the follow through could use a little work... lets sleep on it. No!" And I'm out of bed. Friday, any other day of the week I don't even hit the snooze button, I hit the off button on my clock-radio and then I'm paranoid if I fall asleep that I'll get a late start on the day. Fridays, however, are a bit different. I hit the snooze button and half-way roll over before my shoulder-angel kicks me from the other side. SA: "What are you doing!?"
Me: "Trying to sleep."
SA: "Didn't you just hit the snooze button? Aren't you supposed to be getting up?"
Me: "Yes... but I made that rule up, I can break it if I want to."
SA: "Yep, you did... but you'll probably be tired all day anyway, even if you sleep in."
Me: "That doesn't make any sense."
SA: "It would if you were awake and in the shower."
Me: (Continuing to roll over the rest of the way) "Just 10 minutes, I'll get up then."
SA: "Well, if you don't get up now... then... ummm... The Terrorists have already won!"

And I'm out of bed and in the shower. When the little voice in my head starts spouting platitudes from 5 years ago I know I had better get out of bed before it turns into a really strange dream involving me, a lawn mower, and a sweaty Ex-President Clinton.

All in all I enjoy the extra time in the mornings and I've been able to get to work between 7 and 7:30 in the mornings. Which is nice because, as any IT person will tell you, there aren't any people around then. I've also been able to spend a more dedicated time in the bible in the mornings.

I think that wraps today's post, a good weekend to everyone, and happy sleeping in!



  1. Holy crap. 5 posts in 5 days. What's gotten into you.

    Anyway, do you find yourself carrying over the getting up early habbit to the weekend or no? I found this to be the hardest part in making getting up early a habbit. Durring the work week, fine. But the weekend?! Come on!! Sleeping in is like one of our freedoms.

    (I assume you read stevepavlina's blog)

    EDIT: my word verification word was quite interesting. jgihd. Hmmmmm

  2. test.

    I left a comment a few days ago and don't see it :(


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