Tuesday, August 22

Not quite what I was looking for

Yesterday after I had pined about not hearing the rain for a long time the lady next door turned on the sprinklers. Not quite what I had in mind, thanks for the thought though. While you do get the sound of water falling on leaves/ grass/ flowers, it also sounds like a 15 foot inflatable python has sprung a leak just outside your window and is slowly deflating. (Why a python you ask and not a 15 foot inflatable yellow Pikachu? Well, snakes hiss, that's why.)

Have you ever thought about the term "Trojan"? Yesterday I was having a problem at work with someone either having a "Trojan" virus on their computer, or someone was litterally trying to hack into our firewall. That got me to thinking, it's not the Trojan's that were overly dangerous, it was the Greeks. (Beware Greeks bearing gifts!) Just because the Trojan's had the unfortunate chance of getting that large horse named after them (I would have burned it on the beach myself) doesn't mean you have to go rubbing it in their noses for the rest of History. After all History is written by the victors, I'm sure the Trojans would have something to say about it if they could tell their side. ("Giant wooden horse!? What are you talking about? Ohhh yeah, We burned that thing on the beach! We wouldn't be so stupid as to take in a giant, hollow horse inside our city gates. What do the Greeks take us for?")

The things that go through my head in the AM...



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