Wednesday, August 16

My public huh?

Rumor has it (see previous posts comments) that I have a public. Now I am pretty sure I can count all the readers of this blog on one hand, so I think you should refer to yourselves as "my private audience".

In "news" I picked up my framing work from Aaron Brother's yesterday and now have an original Sheldon Comic hanging in my office in a very nice frame. Now all that remains is that Dave Kellet (the creator) become wildly famous like Schulz or Watterson and I'm set. But seriously, it looks great in my office.

In other news I'm working here at Taproot to get all the pieces together for online ticket ordering. (Still) There are lots of things that follow a very specific order to getting this all together, especially with a really old network, and it's just taking time. Case in point we're switching our network over to Comcast Cable from DSL and that will be a fun day. (I'll have to change everything that has reference to our IP address in it!) I also have to wait for the Comcast stuff to put in a part of the network. It's crazy.

Waiting for some computer parts to make it to market as well. I ordered myself a new Intel processor (the Core 2 Duo E6600) for my new computer, but I'd like the mobo to have the nForce 590 northbridge on it for speed purposes. However they have yet to be made available for sale. (Though they have been spotted in the wilds of tech shows)

That's it for now, I hope my private audience has been sated.



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