Monday, August 21

I miss the rain...

I've taken to getting up in the morning at a time that most people would call "crazy". Or maybe even to comment that in fact it can't really be morning, but that 5am is still on the verge of night-time. Either way I've always enjoyed the morning and the silence that surrounds it. Night-time is only the death of an old day, most times I'm happy to see it end. But mornings, there is a silent hush in the early AM that is simply something I can't resist. It calls me out of bed and wants me to listen to it.

As I was sitting listening to the morning I realized that I had a friend whom I had missed this summer as I sit and listen. My friend the soft collision of raindrops onto the leaves of the trees outside. He often comes with his good friend "sub sixty degree weather", which I will gladly take over the bully that is lurking around the Seattle area now. (the "Post eighty degree weather" bully that is.)

I look forward to a time this upcoming fall and winter to when I get up, walk into the living room, sit down on the couch, pull up the blinds and be greeted by a gentle to mild sound of rain colliding with leaves on it's way to the ground.



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