Thursday, August 31

Close... but no.

I got tired of waiting the yesterday. I discovered the cutting edge motherboard I was waiting to be released to the public was going to be in Late September or Early October. (When they had originally said Late June) So instead of playing the "one more month" game, I just decided to buy the most current, up-to-date parts. Not AS "future-proof" as waiting, but then I could always wait for the most bleeding edge board to come out. This way I actually get to use it sometime before Christmas!

In other news I just recently realized that Monday is a holiday (Unfortunately the computer will come on TUESDAY (figures)) and Lisa and I have no plans. (Other than the list that's as long as my arm of things she wants to clean around the house.) Ahh well, if I work hard this weekend and clean everything then maybe next weekend I can play a bit more with the PC. (I'll sit there starting and restarting windows just to see how fast it is.)


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  1. Hey, we do have a couple of plans, and I'm in the process of making more. We'll be leaving the house at least once everyday!


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