Tuesday, July 11

What can I say?

Welcome back. I was going to write a post before I left for Cali saying we were leaving and going to be gone and away from a computer for 12 days, but then I thought that I didn't really want everyone with access to the Internet to know that our condo was going to be empty and what-not for 12 whole days. (Visions of returning home to find certain things missing)

That said, Cali was a lot of fun. We got to see a lot of family we haven't seen in at least a year. (However some of her family I had "met" before at the wedding, I really didn't remember.) We did the whole "Disney" tourist thing and got to see the biggest parking garage in the Western world. And we got to go to what was probably the swankiest wedding we will ever go to. If I hadn't been one of the groomsmen I would have been under dressed. A solid 5 course dinner and a personal wedding cake for each person. It was crazy, but a lot of fun too.

Work started a couple days ago. I have been with-holding comment on that here because I felt like I hadn't done enough of it to really make a comment. One funny story though: 30 seconds after walking in the door I was told to fix their email system. It was broken and not working. So I spent half the day getting oriented to my new job and the other half trying to figure out their network and what might be wrong. (I finally fixed it around 2pm) There are a lot of projects around the place so I am kept busy talking to people and making choices. It's been a lot of fun. Thus far it has been everything I have ever wanted from a job: Fixing (hardware/software) servers, fixing desktop workstations, web design and getting to figure out my own schedule. It's been pretty cool. The people are really nice and now very eager to give me a call when something goes wrong.

I'm working on selling off my comic book collection. I'm going to try Half Price books, my comics are in about 10 times better condition than the ones they have in the store, so maybe I can get 25 cents to 50 cents per comic. Who knows.

This upcoming weekend is our one year Wedding Anniversary. We're heading up to Whidbye Island for the weekend to get away for a bit. Taproot's newest play starts soon, if you're in the Seattle area look into it and support my job. =)


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  1. Hey Ben, Glad to see that you like you job... well at least on July 11th you liked your job :) Hope all is well and I hope to get over there to hang out with all'yall and such... it'd be fun. Anyway hope to see you and Lisa soon, Tata


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