Monday, June 12

A long and busy weekend

It's been a while since I've had a weekend so full of activities. Especially activities that revolved around me. I have to say I'm glad this doesn't happen every weekend. I can't take all the attention. It's way too draining.

Saturday I graduated. Did the whole sit in a stadium thing for a couple hours and spend a minute on stage. I don't remember a lot of it, but I think it provided a nice sense of closure to my time at SPU, and more importantly school in general. Now I don't really feel like I've got school just around the bend. It's over and done with.

On Sunday my folks, and Lisa, threw me a graduation party. It was a good time of people coming in eating food and chatting a bit and then leaving. The party was kept pretty busy most of the time and it was fun to see everyone who showed up.

I've speced myself out a new computer and I am looking forward to being able to hit the "order" button. I'm currently 27% of the way to my goal/ target amount. So unless something happens I probably won't be getting it this week.

I'm tired but I can't fall asleep. This week is going to be interesting as I have almost nothing planned. I'm looking forward to starting at Taproot on July 5th. I should be a lot of fun to be able to tackle all sorts of things that I haven't been able to tackle before. But before Taproot Lisa and I will be making our way to California for a family reunion and a wedding. (With some family and DisneyLand thrown in for good measure as well.)

More updates later this week...



  1. Thanks for inviting us up! Let me know when you're ready to play Heroes multiplayer - got my computer all up and running, and waiting to take somebody on.

    (Have you tried it yet?)

  2. (version 3 is up - thanks for being so much help!)

  3. That's great, and all, but you've now been in your new job for a few days and no update!! We're starving for information, here, Ben!! : )

  4. Seriously? What's this about "more updates available?"

    (In other news, I've got more music up!)

  5. I've heard that after a month with no updates the blog society comes and revokes your license. Let's pray it does not come to that.


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