Thursday, June 8

The End... of school

Well, the last final is done and graduation is a couple days away. (I realized I took all 5 of my finals within a 24 hour period. That I will never do again.)

Today I was planning on not doing a whole lot (I don't start at Taproot until July 5th) but Lisa's sister seems to be having problems with her laptop, so I'm going to be a good BiL (Bother-in-Law) and go over there and see if we can't reinstall windows.

I know what you're thinking: Ben now that you're graduating how do we get ahold of you? (Because you all write so often...) And I've always wanted to put my email address on the site without having to worry about bots (I wrote "boys" the first time I typed that. Freudian finger slip!?) picking up my email address and sending me MORE spam. (As if 20,000 messages a month wasn't enough...)

The best way to contact me is by carrier pidgeon, point the bird a little northward and toss the little fellow into the air. Failing you have any of those birds handy (I believe that are extinct in the wild... or was that Turtle doves... no I think it was the Carrier pidgeon) then you could try 64bprophet at gmail dot com. This is like my person line. The "Ben Red Phone". Pick it up... you know you want to.


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  1. I think I heard that carrier pigeons are actually totally extinct. Which is a sad shame, since I'd totally send you one if I could.


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