Saturday, May 13

Zero it out

For my math class we have to write a term paper on something related to our major in regards to math. I decided to choose Classics as my "major" because the math in computers RAPIDLY gets far too much for me to handle. So I am writing a paper on ancient math systems. Which until I started reading up on it (read: tonight) I had no idea about it other than the Babylonians used a base 60 number system. Well, I came across a whole lot of interesting stuff. I had no idea how much math related to the level of "civilization" in a culture. Also, if you want a really interesting read here's a brief history of Zero. Pretty cool stuff. (Trivia fact for you: Did you know that the 0 wasn't used in the Western European world until the 1600's? It was used in India as far back as the 600AD's, but they were one of the first.) This is pretty interesting stuff. Mayan Mathematics are pretty interesting as well.

This could very well be the last time on my site you ever see links to something math related. But I would definitely take a class on Ancient Math. (I also think it's pretty cool that I'm learning the language (Classical Sanskrit) in which zero originated.)



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