Friday, May 12

This is why I don't answer my phone...

Some backstory for you: Lisa and I have a phone in the condo, but we never answer it or give the number to anyone. It's really for emergencies and so we can have DSL. Thus when it rings it's no one I want to talk to. Knowing this ahead of time I like to do one of several things:

1. Let it ring: Yesterday I was taking a nap and the phone started to ring. It woke me up, but I thought I would out-last the ringer and so I kept myself in bed. I listened to it ring 7 or more times before I got out of bed and walked to the phone and picked it up. It was some collection agency automated message for someone with a really strange name. I tried to talk to an operator, but the computer hung up on me. This is why I don't answer the phone.

2. I pick it up but don't say anything and see what happens: Just a few minutes ago I picked up the phone and listened:
Me: ...
Phone Person (PP): *automated click* Hello? *Pause* Hello?
Me: ...
PP: Hey, dude, you can stop screening your calls, I'm not a collection agency.
Me: ... (trying not to snicker)
PP: Hey, I've got a new knock-knock joke. Wanna hear it?
Me: ... (wondering how far he'll go)
PP: Knock Knock... come on dude... Knock Knock.
Me: ...
PP: Ok man, well I'll call back in 10 minutes. *click*

I got him to hang-up on me! Score one for me! Ben - 1, PP - 0.
It's been 15 minutes, I kind'a was hoping he'd call back. I would do the same thing, and see what happened. Of course I guess there is almost an unlimited amount of things I could do. I think maybe next time I'll pick up the phone, say "Hello!?" real quickly and when the person starts talking say something like, "Oh hey, I've got something on the oven, I'll try to call you back in a few!" and then hang up.
My second idea is to load up a song on my cell phone and answer the phone with the song from my cell phone.

3: The phone comes up, and "slips" out of my hand and comes back down: Phone rings, and it "jumps" an inch off the base and then comes down again. End of call. Not as much fun as #2, but it stops the ringing from the phone... still working on the ringing in my head though.

Next week is the MS interview in Dallas. I'll post more on that after it happens. But only a couple weeks of classes left. E3 wrapped today and it looks like PC gaming is still an option. I think possibly I'll need to get an XBox 360 emulator for my computer though when Mass Effect comes out. Ok, I'm going back to waiting for the phone to ring.


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  1. I've got a great book for you to borrow, Ben. It's "50 Fun Things to do w/ Phone Solicitors." It has some GREAT ideas! : P


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