Friday, May 5

Spiderman, a Duck, and 6 pages down

The time has come, boys and girls, for me to get rid of the comic collection that has been sitting in boxes in my closet doing nothing but being a fire hazard. (Do you have any idea how quickly a box of paper burns!?) I was excited for this process because I have one comic book in a rather minty condition that if I got it graded could help to fund... well it would fund my lack of a job right now. So the other 600 comic books I have will not be graded (unless they could be worth something) because getting them graded is costly, and while it's easy to make that money back if the book is worth something, it's not worth spending 30 bucks to get something graded that is going to be worth $15 after grading.

Anyway, I was excited to go to a comic book shop I've been to a couple of times that has been around for something like the past 15-20 years and I had my comics all ready to go and be graded when I drove up to the place there was a big "for lease" sign on the window and an empty room hiding behind it. So it looks like is going to be my out in this case.

In other news I finally bit the bullet (this is actually one of the reasons why I'm doing the first topic above) and purchased some Sheldon original artwork. The link there goes to the comic I purchased. (It's colored digitally, so it'll be all black and white and such when I get it.) I've been a big fan of Dave Kellett's work now for oh something like 4 or 5 years now, and we've had several conversations in that span of time. I've added a picture-link to his comic on the side a couple years ago, and I even wrote the Seattle Times telling them they should add Sheldon to their newspaper. (I get proactive when I'm bored or trying to avoid homework) So it's exciting to me to be able to support Dave in the hobby he likes so much, and a sense of humor that I find enjoyable so very often. (It's good to know you're not alone) When I get that I'll be framing it and putting it above my desk. I think the dimensions are something like 18 inches by 9 inches or something. But anyway, enough of my plug for Sheldon. If you think I'm funny, then you'll probably enjoy Sheldon. Only it's funnier than I am, but only once a day. I can be funny multiple times a day.

In other news I slogged through writing a paper yesterday on Euripides' Ion. It's a pretty interesting Greek "tragedy" and if you've read more than a couple Greek tragedy's in your time (Greek lit and Mythology in literature for me) then you'll probably be able to spot some subtle humor in this one. (Thanks to MIT's classics archives for the link)

Finally for tonight Spring/ almost Summer is officially here. Traffic on the 520 floating bridge this morning was stopped up for no other reason than there were a long line of boats tied to a boom along the exit of the Mountlake-cut. Also it's "hot" outside at something like almost 70 degrees. And to complete it the Farmer's Markets start up tomorrow! Woooo, fresh veggies, kettle corn, fresh mini doughnuts and other interesting things.

If you've looking for something to do this weekend I suggest you find a farmer's market and support your locally grow... stuff. I will.


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