Thursday, May 25

A little (big) sumthin in the works...

There is a job that is a possibility, nay more than a possibility, that I am considering taking that would utilize everything I have ever learned about the world of computers. In short, I would be an IT department unto myself. There is a smallish non-profit who has been around for the past 30 years that has yet to have a dedicated IT person, and this job has essentially been offered to me. Systems adminisration, I'd be doing it. Networking, that too. Daily computer fix-it stuff, I'm your man. Phone support, yep, that's me. If ever there was a reason before to print a shirt design I had ("I'm IT") now wold be that time. Of course being as this is a non-profit company I'd only be making half to a third of what I'd be making in a profit-company, but that's ok, because non-profits are generally worth it! (And there is no way a profit company would let me have this experience, especially if they could hire someone with a lot more certifications than I have.)

I guess I have to be careful what I wish for. I always thought that working as an IT person in a small outfit where there were only a couple IT people or me as only IT person would be nice. Well despite my previous efforts to the contrary (Microsoft) it appears that God is pointing me towards small little non-profit as opposed to Giant-Mega-Corp with no soul.

God blesses some people with jobs that pay a lot so they can support the works of the kingdom financially; to others He gives the actual job of supporting the works of the kingdom. It seems I'm to be one of the ones that actually does the direct support as opposed to the indirect support. Which is fine by me, more than likely I there is no way on earth I would get an experience like this anyway else!

So while the pay might not be up to what I'd be making elsewhere, that's ok. We've been living off of Lisa's income these past few months and anything extra we get at this point is extra we can put towards paying off the condo, or saving for Lisa's master's degree, and (of course) paying off my school loans. (And as an aside buying me a new computer sometime after I graduate.)

I need to talk with th person who has been volunteering the computer work for the past couple years before I fully commit to this, but I'm mostly on board now. I just need to make sure I'm not getting myself into something that would be more than I could possibly handle.

In other news, LONG WEEKEND!!! And School's almost out. (I'll be glad for that!)


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  1. Ben - Call us (or Ian) about what we're doing tomorrow, if anything.


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