Wednesday, May 17

Dallas, here I come...

Today is the flight to Dallas and I have to admit I have the typical pre-flight jitters. I'm not a BIG fan of flying so the whole process is something I'm not really looking forward to. (We can thank Russia for that one) What goes up must come down... just not necessarily in the same way it went up.

Lisa and I went to Mens Warehouse last night to get fitted for a tux for Wes's wedding, and then we got a shirt and tie combo for the interview. I don't want to toot my own horn... but I think I'll look snazy.

I think the biggest thing I am concerned about on this trip is the driving around the Dallas area. I am really hoping that the rental car that is provided to me has a GPS naviator in it. (That would make this trip a lot less stressful to me) I've never gotten good and lost while I had one of those on hand. (Especially if it's telling me which way to turn!)

My flight is out at 2:11 today and gets into Dallas a few inutes before 8pm. (Dallas time), I'll be back around midnight on Thursday. (Or Friday morning however you want to look at it.)

I'll post for you my impressions and thoughts of the whole process when I get back. (On a side note a friend of mine yesterday handed me a bussiness card and said the guy on the card was looking for a full-time computer tech person, and when I looked at the card it was from Taproot Theater. It seems they are looking for a full-time tch person and my friend, who works at Northshore Baptist as their IT guy, suggested me as a good person for the job. The funny thing about this is that I know the person who setup their original network, and at least 3 members of their leadership board. (One of them being my father in law) So that is a potential job thing as well as MS. I'll be praying about it to see if which place God wants me.)

Now... to get ready to leave.



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