Saturday, April 22

Post 941: Baseball - Better for you than Gladiator combat

Lisa called me yesterday about 4:10 and was like, "Hey, you want to go to a Baseball game!?" I, having just taken a rather brutal Math test and had driven to Seattle and back already in one day was not overly keen on the idea, but a bit of poking later found me agreeing. We were seated on the first level beside 3rd base about 30 seats up. I was able to watch what was going on without the aid of distance enhancing optics. We lost. However it was pretty close. And I admit I enjoyed myself. Nothing like a National Pastime where the people around you are all screaming/ booing the action. 100% more healthy than Gladiator combat. (Of course the application of a Berger, some fries, a lemonade and a bag of Kettle-corn probably helped the backlash feeling of driving and a math test)

I think perhaps someday when we have more money I'd like to get season tickets to the Mariners and use them sometimes and give them to people other times. It's just fun to go sometimes.

Mid-terms are next week and I'm not overly worried. Having taken something like 30-40 tests from one of the professors already I know what to expect there. The other one seems like it'll be more subjective.



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