Wednesday, April 12

Post 938: Aristotle agrees with me!

At least that's what I was told when I commented that Oedipus the King was rather well plotted. See you learn something new every day you go to school. Today I learned that Aristotle and I share an appreciation for plot.

In other news Lisa bounced right back from her sickness and now is doing just fine. I wish I was only sick one day.

In other news I got a further invitation to interview at Microsoft. However the first person that wanted me to interview at MS said, "Redmond, WA". The email I got today said, "I look forward to setting up your trip to the Las Colinas area." (insert sound of record scratching) What? Where is Las Colinas? (Answer: Dallas, TX) Needless to say I quickly got on the email and was like. "You said Redmond, but this person said Dallas... What's up?" No answer as of yet, but I am thinking that even if the job is in Dallas it might be worth an all expenses paid trip... plus it might get my name in a good way with the rest of MS. Who knows. I am hoping that someone just copied a form letter wrong and Redmond is actually the city under question, and not Dallas. I don't think I'd ever move to Dallas (gotta leave room for God in that statement) but an interview IS an interview.

In other news I feel like I have gotten into a super secret society here at SPU. I write to you now from the Collegium! (AKA: The commuter's lounge) only 300 people a year are allowed in, and I feel like I have snuck in. It's a super nice room with a kitchen and not a single hard-chair in the whole room. It's all cozy and nice. Lisa would enjoy it because there is a fire going in the fireplace at all times. It also has an excellent view out accross the best looking area of campus. Unfortunatly this place closes at 5pm, and my class doesn't start until 6:30pm... so there is still an hour and a half I have to play with. But for the rest of the year I will at least have a cool place to hang out in the little amounts of time I have to hang.

So, from the Collegium, this is Ben, signing off...



  1. Yikes - that's a little far to be moving for a job, though, especially with Lisa and all...

    Good luck! Hope it was a mis-read type thing...

    (I'll tune in next week)

  2. I wasn't going to say anything the first 2 times (didn't want to be nit picky) but the third time you did it I have to make mention.

    In other news......


  3. Aren't those collegia nice? SU was actually one of the schools in the area that spear-headded the idea. Speaking as a soely commuter student, it was really nice to have a comfortable place to go between classes, not to mention having a fridge, sink, and microwave for food!


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