Monday, April 10

Post 931: Try the key again...

Indeed it has been a while since I have sat down to compose a little something for this blog. I find myself doing so now at the cost of a sick professor, and thus with extra time on my hands.

I had a phone interview with Microsoft two Tuesday's past and I felt that it went really well. Of course they don't tell you how well you did they just say "thanks for playing we'll be in contact." And then they sever contact and there is no way for me to even try and find out how I did. This of course was fine being as I started school the next day. Time hasn't dragged on while I waited for news on my interview. Word came last Thursday that Microsoft wants to fly me out to Redmond, WA for a second round of interviews at the Microsoft main campus. I find myself wondering if I can get them to fly me from across the street to their main campus. Maybe they could simply redirect one of their shuttles to pick me up at my front door. Whatever they do it seems like it would be drastically cheaper to interview me, who lives across the street and will probably only need the cost of lunch covered, then someone from Florida or New York who incurs the cost of a flight, a hotel, and at least 3 meals. I doubt, and hope, that this isn't why they are choosing to interview me again, but at this point I'll take what I can get.

The job, which I had originally read about, sounded like a glorified phone answerer for Well, it kind of is, but it seems a lot more interesting. A technical account manager, from my questioning of the interviewer, is a special position at MS that takes care of a group a companies who have paid for a higher tier of support. (Medium to Small businesses) This makes the TAM the face that the customers see on Microsoft, and the TAM is the little companies' advocate within Microsoft to make sure they are getting what they paid for and any problems taken care of. The higher up in the TAM ladder you get as well it seems like you stop "sharing" the contacts and move to having your own group of contacts under your wing. It sounds like a lot of fun. Being kind of a middle-man for the giant company and the "little-man".

Lisa is pretty sick today. I was sick last week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I was in bed all day. I am hoping Lisa doesn't have what I had, because a week later I am just starting to be back up to feeling right.

School is going pretty well. I haven't had a full week of school yet so I can't really say how my weeks look, but thus far the classes are enjoyable and some classes are more surprisingly interesting than others. Sanskrit is the surprising winner this quarter in regards to classes that are interesting. I figured Sanskrit would be partially interesting, but it's been pretty neat thus far. The script itself is very interesting. I'll have to write out some stuff for you all to see sometime here.


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  1. Man, it seems like this is just the time of year to be sick. Half of WPI is wiped out with some disease or other, and I've had three illnesses in a row. Yuck!

    I hope Lisa feels better soon!


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