Wednesday, March 15

Post 930: That's finally done with!

All 4 finals are completed. I now have a week and a half to enjoy myself before life sets in again and it's back to the classes.

I finished all my finals in pretty much record good time (European Art - 30 minutes, Film - 1.5 hours, Ren + Baroque art - 30 minutes.) I guess we'll see how they turned out. But with the way I take tests generally taking more time on them doesn't do me any good. Pretty much if I'm looking at the question it won't help me to stare at it. I go with the first inclination I've got and then glance over it again before I turn it in to make sure I didn't make any stupid mistakes, and we're done.

I got up this morning for an interview at "The Mix" radio station. The guy interviewing me seemed nice enough, I just think we were coming in a two very, very different levels. He seemed to be wanting to recruit me as a Disc Jockey intern (which pays nothing), and I have very little desire to be an intern at all. I'm looking for a computer job. I don't know, he hadn't seemed to have read me resume at all, is that normal in an interview? Anyway, when I tried to steer the conversation to computing the interview ended. It took me something like 40 minutes to get to the place, round trip, and the interview maybe took 5 to 8 minutes. I don't know if this was even a learning experience.

Lisa and I are off tonight to go be "models" for some friends picture taking business. I'll let you know if the pics appear on their website.



  1. You need to post again. Now that you're married and stuff, don't shirk the more important things in life, like the Internet :-D

    Oh, and we've changed addresses (speaking of the web) again: should take you to the main page, but Sydney's got her own subdomain ( and I've got my own ( It's a party.

    How's life?

  2. Hey, I guess your link on the side will still work :)

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