Saturday, March 11

Post 929: School books, 17 pages, and a delayed interview

My Modern East Asia class's final changed to a take home. (As I might have mentioned) and so when I got home on Friday from class I pounded out some 6 pages or so for the final. Then today I wrapped up my term paper at about 11 pages. 17 pages written in 2 days. Not overly impressive but a record for this quarter.

Also, the interview I had on Friday had to rescheduled due to something coming up for the interviewer. I'll be trying again on Wednesday.

Books for next quarter looked like they would cost about $250 for next quarter. However I decided to check's used book market, and thus got all the books (with shipping) for $96... (which was $38 in shipping... but still cheaper than buying from the bookstore.) I am hoping that the books I sell back to the bookstore will pay for the books for next quarter.

Now onto studying Art History!



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