Wednesday, March 8

Post 928: Where a test is assigned over the weekend and an interview is scheduled

I am very happy to report that while all my finals are going to happen within 24 hours of each other (Monday night and Tuesday-day) one of them, the one I was going to have to study the hardest for, just became a take-home final. 2 essays over the weekend and I'll be in the clear for that final. Very exciting. (Of course I still have the term paper to complete for that class as well... So lots and lots of writing for Modern East Asia)

I got an email today from the morning producer of the Mix radio station about an internship. I've got an interview on Friday morning after class. The good news about this is that the station is located in Bellevue. I also have lots of questions about it, but I honestly know next to nothing about it. So I'm sure details will be forth coming on Friday.

Now, back to Japanese Literature in the Meiji Era!



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